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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Yes, as you read above! This is the last chapter of Infinity Game vol 2 and the “IG” series ends here, but there’s something we didn’t told you yet (yeah, we can be mean, I know but we didn’t wanted to spoil it…XD). Infinity Game is the prequel of the Bloodline series! Because only our RAW provider knows (right now..the staff is eagerly at it to find it out) if the Infinity Game characters appear and questions which are still open in Infinity Game will be answered, I can only give you the information that at least their names appear in chapter 1 of Bloodline. Well, it was a lot of fun working on Infinity Game and our members are looking forward to the storyline of Bloodline. And don’t forget about our Art Contest~

With that being said, enjoy the last chapter (extra chapter) of IG!

P.s.: We’re still recruiting and are in need of more translators (especially japanese ones)!

IG vol 2 extra chap

Edit: Some pages were disordered, it’s fixed now.






Preparations for the holidays are in full-swing and “peace on earth” is oozing from everyone’s pores. But what is the staff at Cave Scanlations dreaming about? A festive dinner and stockings hung by the chimney with care? Polished shoes filled with treats? Nine blazing candles? No way!! We’re already thinking about that auspicious day – February 10th, 2013!! Yup! We’re eagerly awaiting Chinese New Year and we want to celebrate with you!
According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2013 will usher in the Year of the Snake, the Water Snake specifically. Throughout history and across many different cultures, the snake has been both revered and feared as a powerful symbol of wisdom, fertility, youth, rejuvenation, power and temptation. Chinese astrology sees the snake as a good omen, as an image of bounty and the harbinger of good fortune.
So, in honour of Chinese New Year and the seductive Snake, Cave Scans will be hosting its first-ever art contest. Submit your original artwork celebrating the sixth animal of the Chinese zodiac, the influential Snake, by February 28th, 2013 to take part in this fun, new event.
What’s in it for you? Prizes include the rar/zip file of your favourite Cave Scans release, advance access to new releases*, a link to your website and your artwork displayed on our releases*. The creator of the winning piece of artwork will also be invited to pick the theme of the next art contest and receive a 2013 calendar of their favourite manga or anime created just for them by our own Demonlord Estoriel. Here’s hoping the Snake brings good fortune to you!
Please, keep in mind all artwork should be original creations, celebrating the dawning of the Year of the Snake and Chinese New Year. Art thieves beware – submitting works that you did not create yourself is grounds for immediate disqualification and a lifetime membership in the Cave Scans’ Secret Basement Torture Chambers and fed piece by miserable piece to the piranhas. (<–Refer back to the CS Halloween Game if you need a reminder about them.)

-Tsukiko (text); drawing by Soul (tiny edits by Esto)

* For some of our future releases