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We need more staff members!!!

Many of our members are busy with their life (exams, work and so on) right now and we need more help to get the releases out as fast as possible. We’re recruiting all positions and are especially in need of more translators (both chinese and japanese). For more informations please visit our recruitment page!

As you can see in this release the credit page is really clogged this is because of the many pages and our staff being so busy (so everyone took some pages, some members even did tasks they normally don’t do!). So we welcome every helping hand! *we want to release a lot for Christmas but it’s impossible without more staff* Moreover both our japanese translators aren’t able to translate due to exams (yep, we ONLY have two jap. translators who’re working on all our jap. projects!), so it would be great if a japanese translator would apply even if it’s for a short period of time.

And here’s the new chapter



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