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This is the last chapter of the first WZ volume and with this we’ll move finally to our own RAWs! We’re still not 100%ly sure if we’ll release WZ from now as flash files and release on Batoto with an unknown (to make it at least a bit harder for mangafox/here/reader etc. to rip) delay (for reasons why we release as flash files please read our previous posts, comments to the flash release of Satou-kun ch 2 and FAQ). But we’ll definitely stick to the Batoto release (though we can’t give you set dates when release xy will appear there).

Look forward to the color pages of vol 2! Inside the public RAW folder of vol 1 weren’t any cover scans but from vol 2 onwards till the last volume you’ll get them! =)

In case we decide to release as flash files, we’ll make an extra zip/rar file available with all color scans for you to make up a bit for the annoying flash files. The next release of Wizardry Zeo can take a bit longer because our two japanese translators have exams and are unable to translate. But in case we get the cleans done before that we’ll give you a little teaser to shorten the long wait a bit. Our next release will be Yoiko no Kokoroe (it’s way too long ago that we released the last chapter!) and will be up tomorrow.

Here are the download links:

zip // rar

The PDF file will follow soon and can get downloaded on the project page.


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