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Despite of our members being very busy with their life and the exam periods, some of them fought bravely and could get the second chapter of Satou-kun done. A huge thanks to Mitsugi, Zeroreika and Tsukiko who made this release possible without any further delay! This chapter will be released as a flash file (I think I don’t have to mention anymore that we do it because of the many manga aggregation websites) but you’ll be able to find it at a later time on Batoto (we won’t say when to avoid the chapter getting ripped off from Batoto so please check regulary if you prefer to read on Batoto).

We’re still in need of more typesetter, cleaner and translator, so if you’re interested please apply.

Also we’re officially announcing that we won’t scanlate Te Shu Chuan Shuo. But don’t wory it will get scanlated! We got an e-mail of another scanlation group that they started to work on it, so look forward to their release! You can get more informations about who it is if the time is right and they are ready to release (but I can tell you that their work is great and maybe some of you alraedy read a project scanlated by them).

The next release will be either Yoiko no Kokoroe or Wizardry Zeo!

Here’s the flash release of Satou-kun chapter 2




  1. Uhm, the download link for the PDF is broken. Was that intentional? It was okay for chapter 1.

    I hate how your flash viewer heats up my CPU, and it’s not compatible on my tablet.
    While I understand that you guys don’t want to get your precious manga posted on Mangafox, you could at least use a format that’s not as bloated and doesn’t have as much security holes as flash.

    • I can understand your problems and feelings but it’s the only way to prevent MF/MH from ripping the files. Even PDF files aren’t save and thus we intentionally don’t have the PDF available for download (previously we did had them but thanks to some few people who uploaded it to MF/MH we had to remove it). If MF/MH would’t rip any chapter available on the net the whole situation would be different and many scanlators wouldn’t ahve to close down or stop scanlating some projects (due to the publishers taking action) so to prevent to get forced to stop we prefer to release this way (better than not being able to release).
      But if you’ve any other suggestions for a better reading experience which also prevents the online aggregator to rip the file feel free to tell us about them and we’ll try it out. We experimented with a lot of things and this was so far the ‘safest’ way.

      If it’s heating up your CPU too much, then I would suggest (even if it’s annoying to wait) to wait some time for the Batoto release.

        • Anonymous
        • Posted November 12, 2012 at 11:07 AM
        • Permalink

        Thanks for your efforts. It’s a funny and interesting manga and I’m glad that someone scanlates it. I can also understand your reasoning, but this flash reader makes it hard to read, I can hardly read the small bubbles :(

        • Estoriel
        • Posted November 13, 2012 at 5:08 AM
        • Permalink

        It’s up on Batoto now (MF/MH ripped it one day after that, so the next release will have a greater delay from now on…our hatred against MF/MH grows by the day…), so you can easily read it there!^^

        If you’re using a mouse to read the flash files you can zoom in further for the small bubbles. We don’t like these flash releases ourselfes (and the increasing work due to them), but if this situation keeps ongoing with the next chapters we’ll release as flash only for a while (and upload the chapters to batoto with a huge delay on batoto *of some weeks up to months…* In the worst case scenario we’ve to stop uploading to batoto…). If MF/MH just only would NOT host licenced manga we wouldn’t care but I don’t want a publisher asking us to stop all scanlations just because MF/MH hosts the projects after they got licenced (we remove them from our website completly if this happens…). Especially in times when SOPA, PIPA and ACTA are still lurking around…(and any new laws which are the same like them but with a different name)

        • Anonymous
        • Posted November 20, 2012 at 8:42 PM
        • Permalink

        I prefer to download manga from their respective scanlation groups actually, so there is no way I’d visit MF/MH. I do read chapters on batoto though when I want to check a title with many chapters. I tried to zoom in, but the bubbles where still small, that’s why I pointed it out, I apologize if you felt I was rude towards you.

        • Estoriel
        • Posted November 21, 2012 at 4:21 PM
        • Permalink

        Don’t worry I didn’t thought you sound rude. I myself do the same and visit the scanlation groups websites to download.
        If it was still small after zooming in, there was probably a lot of text which ha dto fit inside a small bubble, I’ll check the next chapters more carefully so that the size is a bit bigger for the small bubbles even if the text sticks out a bit outside of the bubble, so that it’s a bit better to read.

  2. I admit, this series got me at the first chapter… Thanks for the hard work! I wish I can help but I don’t know how to do any of those things!

    • It also got the whole staff with the first chapter!XD
      Thanks for your support!

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