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Monthly Archives: November 2012

We need more staff members!!!

Many of our members are busy with their life (exams, work and so on) right now and we need more help to get the releases out as fast as possible. We’re recruiting all positions and are especially in need of more translators (both chinese and japanese). For more informations please visit our recruitment page!

As you can see in this release the credit page is really clogged this is because of the many pages and our staff being so busy (so everyone took some pages, some members even did tasks they normally don’t do!). So we welcome every helping hand! *we want to release a lot for Christmas but it’s impossible without more staff* Moreover both our japanese translators aren’t able to translate due to exams (yep, we ONLY have two jap. translators who’re working on all our jap. projects!), so it would be great if a japanese translator would apply even if it’s for a short period of time.

And here’s the new chapter



This is the last chapter of the first WZ volume and with this we’ll move finally to our own RAWs! We’re still not 100%ly sure if we’ll release WZ from now as flash files and release on Batoto with an unknown (to make it at least a bit harder for mangafox/here/reader etc. to rip) delay (for reasons why we release as flash files please read our previous posts, comments to the flash release of Satou-kun ch 2 and FAQ). But we’ll definitely stick to the Batoto release (though we can’t give you set dates when release xy will appear there).

Look forward to the color pages of vol 2! Inside the public RAW folder of vol 1 weren’t any cover scans but from vol 2 onwards till the last volume you’ll get them! =)

In case we decide to release as flash files, we’ll make an extra zip/rar file available with all color scans for you to make up a bit for the annoying flash files. The next release of Wizardry Zeo can take a bit longer because our two japanese translators have exams and are unable to translate. But in case we get the cleans done before that we’ll give you a little teaser to shorten the long wait a bit. Our next release will be Yoiko no Kokoroe (it’s way too long ago that we released the last chapter!) and will be up tomorrow.

Here are the download links:

zip // rar

The PDF file will follow soon and can get downloaded on the project page.

Despite of our members being very busy with their life and the exam periods, some of them fought bravely and could get the second chapter of Satou-kun done. A huge thanks to Mitsugi, Zeroreika and Tsukiko who made this release possible without any further delay! This chapter will be released as a flash file (I think I don’t have to mention anymore that we do it because of the many manga aggregation websites) but you’ll be able to find it at a later time on Batoto (we won’t say when to avoid the chapter getting ripped off from Batoto so please check regulary if you prefer to read on Batoto).

We’re still in need of more typesetter, cleaner and translator, so if you’re interested please apply.

Also we’re officially announcing that we won’t scanlate Te Shu Chuan Shuo. But don’t wory it will get scanlated! We got an e-mail of another scanlation group that they started to work on it, so look forward to their release! You can get more informations about who it is if the time is right and they are ready to release (but I can tell you that their work is great and maybe some of you alraedy read a project scanlated by them).

The next release will be either Yoiko no Kokoroe or Wizardry Zeo!

Here’s the flash release of Satou-kun chapter 2