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We wish you a Happy Halloween time!

You can find all the Halloween releases here (this is the page you got from the Game). We also released Infinity Game on Batoto (same goes for Kirara no Hoshi and Scratch!!), if you prefer to read the chapters there. These are the last two chapters of the main story but there is one more chapter before we complete the manhua. The last chapter does also belong to the  Infinity Game story and is directly related to it. After Infinity Game ends we’ll start on Bloodline which has 3 arcs with 2 volumes each!

Originally we wanted (as you can see on the Halloween releases page) to release more but Estoriel got suddenly very busy (important exams which were announced just a few days before they were written) and our other main typesetter Rennie isn’t availaible right now (with the rest of the CS members being busy as well *at least the ones who could typeset!*). We tried to get them done nontheless but sadly it didn’t worked out… So we didn’t had any choice and have to release them in November.

If you’re interested in typesetting you can apply! As you see we really need more typesetter! You don’t need previous experience if you’re eager to learn (we can teach you) and if you don’t own Photoshop we can also work out something. So if you really want to help us out, have time and want to learn how to typeset please consider to apply.


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