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This is the first chapter of Scratch!!, it’s a joint with Paradise Love Scanlations (the english version of SYFS). They’ll also do a spanish version and release it on the SYFS website, so if you want to read Scratch!! in spanish, please visit them. We’ll release all chapters as zip/rar files (yep, because it’s a joint you don’t have to fear any PDF or flash files)!

This is also the main reason why we didn’t release it with the Halloween release page (but the link i still listed there).  And if you thought that was all, we’ll also add the download link for our Kirara no Hoshi release as well.  (Yep! You don’t have to play the game!!) The 31th comes nearer and nearer and when we reach that day, we’ll move all Halloween releases links to the project pages and upload them on Batoto. Also there may be some more surprises~

But onto the links!

Scratch!! ch 1: zip & rar

Kirara no Hoshi ch 3: zip & rar


Also a russian version of Scratch!! (and Wizardry Zeo) will be released by Kinoko Translations!



  1. Thank you thank you thank you! I’m so happy to find someone has released Kirara no Hoshi chapter three! All of you have just made my day.

    • We’re glad to hear that we made you happy!
      I must say that it even surprised our staff memebrs that KnH wasn’t picked up by any other scanlator since such a long time.

    • yay yay!!!!! Thanks so much for doing Kirara no Hoshi totally apprecite it X3

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