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It took us one day longer than expected because I injured my hand (so the other memebrs had to do my work as well, a huge thank you to RedLoveKnot and Mitsugi!), but here is the first chapter of Satou-kun! It’s a funny and nice manga but some pages could be a bit disturbing for people who are weak against gory scenes (not that someone says I didn’t put a warning here!). If you’ve any problems with the flash file, please read our FAQ.

Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu chapter 1



  1. Nice manga, bou people have the worst manga reader in the history of histories!!
    Flash?? It’s 2012, for phuq’s sake!! Flash is dying.

    Neither iOS nor Android JellyBean support Flash, and I refuse to install Flash on my Linux and BSD desktops due security issues, so I have to rely on Gnash instead, which does a decent enough job but is far from ideal.

    At least offer a zip/rar/tar download containing regular raster images.

    • As you can read on the project page and our FAQ we won’t release rar/zip or PDF files due to Mangafox/Mangahere/Mnagareader etc. ripping the files and uploading them to their websites.
      The only thing they can’t rip are the flash releases so we’ll continue using them till the day the online readers stop ripping the files to get money. Though depending on the situation you can maybe find a release on Batoto at a later time.

      If you hate flash files so much it’s your own choice to read it or not.

  2. You are aware that it’s taken me a mere 30 seconds to work out how to download a pdf by the extremely counterintuitive action of clicking download link at the bottom. I can sort of see the logic behind the idea but it doesn’t really work when your flash hoster allows pdf downloads

    • @anon: We are aware of it, but MF/MH’s bot didn’t looked trough it till now so this little trick works for now (and the reader still have an option to get the file). But good that some few reader are looking through it instead of *this method works for some days than I remove it, so that some reader can get the file* I’ll make your post visible after some days when the file is down, so don’t be surprised by your post not appearing.

    • ObnoxiousPrick
    • Posted September 10, 2012 at 10:40 PM
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    I’m pretty sure someone who worked for MF or whoever could download the PDF and convert it to a raster format uploadable to online readers if they really wanted to.

    But since I’ve said that, you’ll probably remove the PDF download link now and make life even harder for us.

    • @ObnoxiousPrick 2nd comment (will be also visible in some days, same as anons post): As long as the MF/MH bot or their staff doesn’t realise this, we’ll continue to provide it for a few days. They mainly use their bot to rip chapters so that’s the reason why they didn’t saw through this. Though as soon as we spot the chapter on any online aggrgation website we’ll remove the method to get a PDF completly, but as long as this isn’t the case we’ll do it this way. I know very well that this is annoying for the readers (also for us cuz it’s extra work) but you shouldn’t forget that scanlations are in a grey zone right now and that this can change any moment in that case we can remove all files (and take down the website) ourselfes but if they are up on the many online manga aggregators we can’t get them down. This is a major problem for all scanlators and also the main reason why we’re so careful.

  3. Thanks so much, I can’t wait for chapter 2! :)

    • We’re trying to get it done as a Halloween release!^^

  4. Seems like a funny manga, thank you!

  5. Thank you. You did great job. It is great manga a I love it. I hope you will continue. :D

  6. Thanks for the chapter.
    I can not download it, to give the reader downloader gives me:
    “Error 404!
    File Not Found!”

    • Yeah, we now removed it completly (see our most recent article) but you can read it on Batoto. It’s sad that it had to come to this but MF/MH are a growing problem for all scanlators…

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