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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Here’s ch 3 of Wizardry Zeo! Please give our cleaner mitsugi (who also typesetted cuz Estoriel injured his hand) and yurei a huge thank you! Without them the release wouldn’t have been possible this month. We’re near the end of volume 1 and the use of public RAWs. From vol 2 onwards we use our own RAWs and release as flash files (with a Batoto upload at a later time).

On to the download links:





SYFS will release the first chapter of Satou-kun in spanish.

Please visit their website for more informations!

As we are sure you have noticed,  we had a download link available on our flash file releases for our loyal readers to get  PDF files. This was done as a small measure of protection of our work because the MF/MH bot can’t download it on it’s own and therefore it needed to be done manually.  You can imagine our utter disappointment and anger when  we found a user uploading screenshots of each page of our latest release from us today to Mangafox and Mangahere.  Naturally, these screenshots have  now spread to other aggregation websites as well. To add insult to injury, the callous user in question has stripped our credit pages from our work too.  Charming example of humanity, ne?

Unfortunately dear readers, the end result of this is that we will not make any of the files available for download anymore. Please accept our sincerest apologies.

Yes, one insensitive, self-centered, loathsome person has spoiled it for everyone else. The group members will be making a decision regarding how we will release in the future, if we’ll continue to release on batoto and our use of flash files.  Our reasons for not supporting MF/MH are clearly stated on our FAQ page and you are welcome to read about that in more detail there.

Flash files are the only files they can’t rip, so from today onwards we’ll remove all PDF downloads from the flash files. They still can make screenshots, but, at least they’ll have to work harder to steal from us…

Satou-kun has been released on batoto for your reading enjoyment.S

And to you, dear contemptuous user, you have all the virtues I despise and none of the vices I admire. If you’ve got that much free time and know-how that you can make screenshots of someones’ work and post them in wretched places, why don’t you put that ambition to good use and work with a scanlation group?  You might even be able to get positive recognition! Just don’t join ours – I can’t vouch for your safety here now.

Karma’s got your ticket dude.


Written by Tsukiko



It took us one day longer than expected because I injured my hand (so the other memebrs had to do my work as well, a huge thank you to RedLoveKnot and Mitsugi!), but here is the first chapter of Satou-kun! It’s a funny and nice manga but some pages could be a bit disturbing for people who are weak against gory scenes (not that someone says I didn’t put a warning here!). If you’ve any problems with the flash file, please read our FAQ.

Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu chapter 1

The actual full chapter will be released in around a week but here’s a small preview (color pages+the first pages of ch 1)!

Our staff really enjoys working on this project. Also we’re working on IG (double release) and the other series, we’re releasing whatever is done first after Satou-kun ch 1.

On to the downloads, have fun reading~

ch 1 first part/preview (zip file)


Edit: Due to Mangahere even uploading the preview on their website (of course after they removed our (anti) MF/MH information page), we decided to release Satou-kun as flash only for the time being and consider releasing a watermarked version on Batoto at a later date.