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We’ll release the next IG chapters as flash files and put up the PDF files when SYFS catched up to these chapters. The reason for this is the fact that someone uses the ripped pages which are uploaded on mangafox/here etc. from our PDF files, translates them into spanish and releases them without any credit for our hard working members and of course the members of SYFS who provides their spanish readers with high quality scans (after all they get the cleaned pages from us and not from a ripped off PDF file which has a further heavy quality decrease due to the compression of MF/MH). We do allow re-translations and even the use of our cleans (see our FAQ), but please ask first, after all we put a lot of effort in the releases and there already is a spanish group releasing it into spanish who asked us long ago. So if you are interested in releasing our projects in other languages just send us an e-mail (normally we won’t turn anyone down), there’s no need to use the ripped off pages which are floating around on MF/MH etc…<<“


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