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Monthly Archives: August 2012

We’ll release the next IG chapters as flash files and put up the PDF files when SYFS catched up to these chapters. The reason for this is the fact that someone uses the ripped pages which are uploaded on mangafox/here etc. from our PDF files, translates them into spanish and releases them without any credit for our hard working members and of course the members of SYFS who provides their spanish readers with high quality scans (after all they get the cleaned pages from us and not from a ripped off PDF file which has a further heavy quality decrease due to the compression of MF/MH). We do allow re-translations and even the use of our cleans (see our FAQ), but please ask first, after all we put a lot of effort in the releases and there already is a spanish group releasing it into spanish who asked us long ago. So if you are interested in releasing our projects in other languages just send us an e-mail (normally we won’t turn anyone down), there’s no need to use the ripped off pages which are floating around on MF/MH etc…<<“


New Releases:

-Automata prologue in german (joint with YingYang Scans)

-UP ch 60

-Automata ch 5

-Bloodline ch 3

-kaijidou vol 1 ch 1

-KnH vol 2 ch 1

-HAL ch 2

You find them on this website:

Here’s the new BW chapter! Enjoy~

We’re still recruiting more members, so if you’re interested please visit our recruitment page for more information.

Also We’ve some news for our spanish readers: IG ch 1.5-3 were released by SYFS some time ago!

We’re working on multiple projects right now and are progressing step by step, so we don’t know what will be ready to be released next (we’re working on Satou-kun, Wizardry Zeo, the IG double release, Kirara no Hoshi and Yoiko no Kokoroe), so be prepared for any of these projects~

BW ch. 4: rar // zip // PDF or read on

Yeah, as you read in the title, our server is down again. I already contacted our website hoster Demens as soon as I saw it.

I’ll keep you updated!

If you want to read WZ ch 2 you can do that on, if you prefer a download please wait some hours till our website is up again.

Edit: The server (it was a new one..) was damaged so this ause dteh downtime but now it’s back online.

Edit 2: It’s down again…  The website hoster is installing something new to the server, so hopefully it won’t crash again.

Edit 3: online and working smoothly!

Maybe some realised it some time ago, but our new (!!) server suffered some heavy damage, we even thought for a moment the server is lost. But gladly Demens was able to fix it and we’re back online. Right now I’m checking all uploaded data on the server if anything was lost. If that’s done I’ll make an edit here and inform you about it!

Edit: No data loss! *phew*



It took us some time (many pages+understaffed) but here is the new WZ chapter. With this release we’ve some news for you as well!

1. We’re doing two joint projects with the spanish scanlation group Sweet Yaoi Fan sub (in case any Yaoi Fan now hopes these could be yaoi manga, we’ve to disappoint you cuz our group won’t scanlate any yaoi manga), one of the two manga will be “Scratch!!”. SYFS will be in charge of cleaning the chapters. We’ll announce more about this at a later time~

2. We want to thank the kind A.H.M. for his amazing donation of 40 $! Our staff (especially Estoriel) couldn’t believe their eyes when we saw it! You made it possible for us to purchase further RAWs so a huge thanks from us!!

3. Also this is the month when our first release was out (IG ch 1)! And to celebrate it a bit our Staff made a little PDF file. We’ll try to get one PDF file released all 3 months (if we’re not too understaffed). You can find some text about our group and work in it, recipes for cooking (cuz our groups skype conversations will show up something food related each day…so you can imagine that our staff loves cooking!), anime/manga recommendations and also some Photoshop tutorials.

Of course we would love to make a huge mass release once more but we’re a bit short on staff right now (many of us have holidays and are currently not at home), but we try to release as much as possible! But if you’re interested in helping us out, check the recruitment page (except for proofereaders, all positions are open).

Onto our two releases (right now only up as a download, cuz Estoriels computer must be fixed right now, we’ll add the PDF’s to our server in 1-2 days):

Our Cave Scanlation PDF file

Wizardry Zeo ch 2: rar file or zip file; PDF file (also uploaded to Batoto)

Edit: Chances are high to release WZ from vol 2 onwards as flash files, due to MF/MH even changing our files (removing pages etc.)! We’ll put a note about the final decision in the next release. Though we do consider uploading a watermarked version on Batoto.