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Hi! This time it’s not Silver (Esto) posting. Here is his sister ♠

I wanted to inform you about an idea our group has since its first days that is in my eyes a real chance for the beginner manga artists out there.

We upload a lot of Chinese mangas, that were drawn by artists, who actually already have a lot of readers in their country.  But I personally would like to see some projects on our website, that are drawn by people, who don’t have the money for publishing their work and like to have a few more viewers. Our projects information site was clicked about 900 times until now, i guess there would be a good share of clicks on a new link named like your own story!

Maybe Mangafox will be confused and even rip the pages, so that it will be spread over the web in just few days and you’ll become a new celebrity, haha! Of course we can also try to avoid THAT, if you want ;)


OK, if you’re interested I’ll give you a few details.

What is expected from YOU:

  •  You need to own a self-drawn story
  • Style doesn’t matter, but manga is preferred, as it is the main target of our readers
  • Languages you can use: Japanese, Chinese, English, German, French
  • Would be nice, if you already have a few number of pages
  • You do not have to be the perfect artist for now, we’d like to help you improving too, the readers may give you tips

How WE can help you

  • We may clean your pages 
  • We may typeset your texts
  • We may translate it to English and if wanted also to German and French
  • We got some artists in our team, so we may also help you with artistic problems, if we have time to
  • We’ll upload them and inform about new uploads in our blog

Of course you have to help us help you, we can’t do the whole work all alone! I guess we also can upload it page by page, but I have to ask Niichan first.

I’d really love to see your own stories in our projects C”:


Your blue Sternchen~




  1. That sounds like a cool idea. I realize that the post was made a while back, and I don’t really have anything to show atm (anything that I am willing to unleash to the general public, the drawings are pretty bad in my older stuff), but I would be interested in doing something like that. Sounds fun.

    • Yeah, the post is old but we would love to support new artist in any way, so feel welcome to send us something in the future!^^ We’ve also some artists in our group who could even give you some advice if you want (e.g. lil_sapphier_star she drew us a page for our releases once).

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