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Finally, it’s done!! Here’s the long awaited chapters 9 and 10 (aka chapter 4 and 5 of volume 2) of Infinity Game. Some of you may have already read this before but our RAW provider Soul’s scanner broke and we had to set the project on the back burner for a while. After Soul got a new scanner, we could continue working on it! To make up for the long wait, we have a double release for you (and some wrung out, shriveled up, exhausted members too!). The final IG release which we intend to do as soon as possible will include the last two chapters (part two of the final chapter and an extra story) and the cover of volume 2 (as another double release).

We are sill recruiting more members, especially translators, so please visit our recruitment page for more information!!

IG ch. 9

IG ch. 10

Or read it on Batoto

We’re also intending to release Black Warrior chapter 4 and Wizardry Zeo chapter 2 next, but depending on our staff’s stamina, we might squeeze in the last IG chapters in there somewhere. It also depends highly on how busy our translators are.


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