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Monthly Archives: July 2012

As maybe some of you already noticed when you wanted to visit our homepage before it wasn’t online. This was caused by our website hoster moving the server, but now our server is back online and with it we’ve the new Yoiko no Kokoroe chapter! It’s the extra chapter of volume 1 and with this we move onto the next (and last) volume of YnK! We finished this chapter sooner than we exspected so we squeezed it before the WZ and BW chapter release. Also we moved Kirara no Hoshi from the future project list to our recent one (we don’t have another translator but zeroreika was up for the challenge to add it to her list!). Enjoy this chapter!

And please welcome our new members Scatter (typesetter) and cphungus (who has her debut as a cleaner in YnK)!

YnK extra chapter


Our server is down again… We’re moving our server now, it’ll take around 10 hours before it’s online again, so exspect the new YnK release around 10 h from now on (if all goes smoothly), else it’ll be up tomorrow!



Edit: Our website is back online!

We’re still recruiting:

– typesetter (urgently)*

-jap. translator


We want to release faster and we can only do that with more staff member. If you’re interested please visit our recruitment page.

You can also apply for a specific time if you e.g. only can help out in holidays.

Also if you’re a fan of the game Okami: We’re intending to scanlate some doujinshis as well (RAWs in japanese only), so if you’re a translator who’s interested in only translating these, feel free to apply as well! If you’ve any questions just send us an e-mail.

*We’re willing to teach you; as long as you really want to learn! You can download Photoshop CS 2 from Adobes website.

Hi! This time it’s not Silver (Esto) posting. Here is his sister ♠

I wanted to inform you about an idea our group has since its first days that is in my eyes a real chance for the beginner manga artists out there.

We upload a lot of Chinese mangas, that were drawn by artists, who actually already have a lot of readers in their country.  But I personally would like to see some projects on our website, that are drawn by people, who don’t have the money for publishing their work and like to have a few more viewers. Our projects information site was clicked about 900 times until now, i guess there would be a good share of clicks on a new link named like your own story!

Maybe Mangafox will be confused and even rip the pages, so that it will be spread over the web in just few days and you’ll become a new celebrity, haha! Of course we can also try to avoid THAT, if you want ;)


OK, if you’re interested I’ll give you a few details.

What is expected from YOU:

  •  You need to own a self-drawn story
  • Style doesn’t matter, but manga is preferred, as it is the main target of our readers
  • Languages you can use: Japanese, Chinese, English, German, French
  • Would be nice, if you already have a few number of pages
  • You do not have to be the perfect artist for now, we’d like to help you improving too, the readers may give you tips

How WE can help you

  • We may clean your pages 
  • We may typeset your texts
  • We may translate it to English and if wanted also to German and French
  • We got some artists in our team, so we may also help you with artistic problems, if we have time to
  • We’ll upload them and inform about new uploads in our blog

Of course you have to help us help you, we can’t do the whole work all alone! I guess we also can upload it page by page, but I have to ask Niichan first.

I’d really love to see your own stories in our projects C”:


Your blue Sternchen~


Finally, it’s done!! Here’s the long awaited chapters 9 and 10 (aka chapter 4 and 5 of volume 2) of Infinity Game. Some of you may have already read this before but our RAW provider Soul’s scanner broke and we had to set the project on the back burner for a while. After Soul got a new scanner, we could continue working on it! To make up for the long wait, we have a double release for you (and some wrung out, shriveled up, exhausted members too!). The final IG release which we intend to do as soon as possible will include the last two chapters (part two of the final chapter and an extra story) and the cover of volume 2 (as another double release).

We are sill recruiting more members, especially translators, so please visit our recruitment page for more information!!

IG ch. 9

IG ch. 10

Or read it on Batoto

We’re also intending to release Black Warrior chapter 4 and Wizardry Zeo chapter 2 next, but depending on our staff’s stamina, we might squeeze in the last IG chapters in there somewhere. It also depends highly on how busy our translators are.

As you can see, we changed our website design. Now it’s not as messy as before and you should find things faster!^^

The chatbox was moved to the sidebar so you can see it on all pages and we added a slideshow for more important news and a fast overview of the newer releases.

At the top near the searchbar you can now find our external links to batoto, mangaupadtes and so on.

Hope you like the more convenient website style!

Also we’ve now a mobile version (for ipads, iphones and so on) ~


Right now we’re working hard on IG ch 10 to do the double release either on Sunday or Monday.

English releases: UP ch 60, Automata ch 2-4, Bloodline ch 3, Kaijidou ch 1, KnH vol 2 ch 1 & HAL ch 02// Spanish releases by SYFS: Infinity Game ch 13 (end) & Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu ch 1 // Russian releases by Kinoko: Scratch ch 3 & Infinity Game: all chapters scanlated// French releases by MnO: Kirara no Hoshi ch 2 // Italian releases by Lovely Scans Italia: HAL ch 1 // Thai release by Darknessz Scans: Automata Prologue

We’re still in need of the following:

– japanese translators (mainly for our future projects and Wizardry Zeo; also for some Okami doujinshis) [thx to inulie we’ll get a huge batch of japanese manga which we’ll announce another time]
– chinese translators (mainly for our new Projects Bloodline (series not the oneshot) and Te Shu Chuan Shuo but also for Infinity Game and Black Warriors)
-cleaner (working on all projects)

Also we finished scanlating IG ch 9 and working on ch 10 and try releasing both next week!