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Here’s ch 5 of YnK! There’s only one extra chapter left than we’ve completly scanlated the first volume and move to the second. Concerning future WZ releases: We’ll continue to release zip/rar files for the first volume and decide from vol 2 onwards if we switch to PDF or flash releases later on (due to MF/MH uploading it…).

Also we’re still recruiting, for more informations you can visit our recruitment page.

Here’s the link to the flash release

Edit: The typesetter recruitment is closed now, but we’re still looking for more cleaner and translator.



    • friendswithroadkill
    • Posted December 18, 2013 at 8:50 AM
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    Hi. The link to the chapter doesn’t seem to be working? I keep getting a 404 error message. I tried other chapters as well, and the same thing happened…

    • Please go to our project page and click on the Yoiko no Kokoroe link there.
      You’ll be able to find the download link there with all files.

      The old release post are back from the time when we used a different server (this is also an old website, look at our last post for the link to our new one) so the old links don’t work anymore.

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