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Here’s the first chapter of Wizardry Zeo! It took us some time due to the huge amount of pages and the fact that we’re a small group and intend to release (more or less) on a fixed schedule for each project. But we hope you enjoy this chapter! We’re uploading the chapter to Batoto (non-watermarked) and release it as a zip/rar file but please refrain from uploading it on mangafox/here or other aggregators (we do check on regular basis if our projects are uploaded anywhere), else we may change to only releasing as PDF files and if all is in vain we’ll release it as a flash file (like Yoiko no Kokoroe). And we can tell you that we don’t like to do this.

Also we’re recruiting more members due to our future projects (Inulie will come back from japan soon and brings us some more projects (which aren’t listed on our future project list) back and Neko will get us some more chinese projects as well!), so if you’re interested please apply! On a later time we’ll add the manhua and manga to our future list as well.

Right now we’re in need of:



– translator (chinese+japanese)

Our next release will be YnK ch 5 and after that we’re planning to do a double release for IG (now that Souls scanner is fixed)!


Here the download links to WZ ch 1:

zip // rar // or read online as PDF 




  1. Seems like a really interesting series, thank you very much for the release <3
    I`m looking forward to more chapters ^^

    • We’re working on it!^^ Hopefully we get more staff to speed up the releases. The next chapter could take us a while because we’ve to clean IG as well and WZ ch 2 has around 50 pages.

  2. If you DON’T like to release in a flash file or any other stupid idea you might come up with, then why do it at all?
    You really think a fucking flash file will change anything?

    • @kuma: It does change the fact that MF/MH can’t rip the file so yeah, it does change a lot.
      Moreover it’s our groups decision if we release, when and how. And it’s your decision if you want to read it or not. And if you don’t want to, just don’t.

  3. Wow this series is pretty good. Thank you for translating it! ^^ Keep up the good work. ^.^

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