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As we previously mentioned in a post, our member Tsukiko contacted Vexed Scans via e-mail and unfortunately, no response was ever received. She happened across their blog a little while ago and found a rather unfriendly comment that they will not consider a joint project with us. So, we’ll officially drop SY now as we said we would.

We released these past three chapters of SY, despite Vexed scans also releasing  so as to not waste any of our cleaners hard work on the project (which was done up to ch 39 long ago but couldn’t be translated cuz we lacked the man-power). One scanlator per project is more than enough in our eyes as there are so many other fun projects waiting for us. While we are disappointed that Vexed Scans hasn’t sent us a simple e-mail reply, we are happy that they’ll continue the project for you and hope that they don’t drop it mid-way. Well, SY has finally found a good home after being on hiatus for more than a year, so we are all happy about that! ^^

Edit: They finally answered. Though we’ll still drop it, so pls head over to Vexed scans homepage for new releases of SY!^^


One Comment

  1. That’s just rude! I really don’t like it when scanlation groups get snotty like that -.-
    ~complaining over! x

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