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We don’t know how much coffee, music and cacoa was needed to keep us awake but  our staff did an all nighter to finish this chapter off as soon as possible (to have more time for rl stuff at the weekend, this will be the last release for this week!). Now that it’s released we finally can fade away (going to sleep) and rest in peace that the work of our cleaners wasn’t for nothing.

Download: zip & rar; read online (PDF)



  1. Thanks for the chapter

  2. So, you mentioned planning to contact vexed scans about how this series’ future will be after this release…

    Here’s hoping for nothing along the lines of ‘scan war’. (seen enough of those and they are stupid)

    • I think the same about it. That’s precisely why we always check if another group does the project we’re interested before starting them. This time it was an unlucky event taht we already had cleaned 3 chapters when Vexed scans released. So we’ll contact them now either for a joined or we’ll drop the project (and work on our others), whatever works better for both groups. I don’t see any reasons why scanlators should quarrel over a project when there are still many unscanlated (moreover it’s completly stupid to quarrel over something you do as a ‘hobby’ and when you aren’t the actual copyright holder)…lol
      Either way we released what was already done by our cleaners (so they can be assured it wasn’t a waste of time cleaning it), so we can take it easy now and see how Vexed Scans is replying to our suggestion.

  3. Great!
    I’m glad that another scanlation war won’t start.

    • Yeah, though as I already had the guess: They don’t seem to be up for a joined project (I just read a comment on their blog, they still didn’t even reply to our e-mail).

      So as it seems we just drop it. Though it’s a bit sad they don’t translate the SFX and didn’t explained the senbei joke in their release of ch 39. I myself am not a translator and like such explainations if I read scanlated chapter.

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