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Finally it’s done! The cleans were finished months ago, but the translations took some time (or better a long time..). But it’s finally released! Chapter 38 and 39 will follow soon as well. We picked this project up cuz of a reader who asked us if we could scanlate it because the scanlation group dropped it/went inactive. He also sent us the RAWs (the quality isn’t as good as our other scans, so don’t be surprised cuz of the sudden drop). After the cleans of 3 chapters were done another group released ch 37 of Sengoku Youko (and by now ch 38 as well, you can read it on batoto) so we discussed for a while if we should drop it or not. After all we already cleaned 3 chapters and that work shouldn’t go to waste, so we decided to still continue the project. Because Sengoku Youko is already released on most of the online aggregators we’ll release the chapters this time as zip/rar files. Enjoy reading it~

Downloads: zip or rar or read online (PDF)



  1. I think this is unnecessary.Vexed is already a fast and consistent scanlator.

    • It may be true but if the staff want to and we already did the work we’ll release it.

  2. Thanks for picking this up!

    I’ll love you guys forever if you don’t drop it.

  3. May be you could make this project joint with Vexed Scans?
    I think that’d be the best option.

    • Yeah, though we had the project on our list a long time ago and had 3 chaps fully cleaned. You can find us very easily on google and they didn’t seem to have searched for sengoku youko when they started to scanlate it if another group is doing it (to maybe ask for a joined) so I think they won’t be up for it (while we do searchs on google to not do a project another group does and we already dropped some when we saw other groups started them already). Well for now we release the chapter we already cleaned and discuss if we coninue it or not after that.
      I looked at their scanlations and the translations vary often so at least they are different and it’s nice to see two different versions.

  4. hope you dropped it if you release it only in pdf after catch up to vexed

    • We decided to continue to release it as zip/rar files if we decide to not drop it.

  5. Of course you can release it if you want to.It’s just sad seeing more than one group working on one series when there are a mountain of them without scanlators.

    • That’s the main reason why we always check if some other group is doing a project before picking it up. We did had it up months ago on our website as one of our next projects and worked on it (also putting up the status of it) and you can find us easily via google wen you type in Sengoku Youko. Well guess this was just bad timing for two groups doing it separetly without knowing the otehr is doing it…<< *and as stated I did searched on google before* You can imagine our cleaners going mad when they saw another group releaisng it and asking themselfes 'why didn't they told us than we could have dropped it before we cleaned so much' and 'or they could just have asked for a joint'.

  6. I don’t know japanese so I can’t compare quality of translation but your group translates sounds and sfx.
    That’s good.

    But do consider communicating with other group.
    They must have thought that you’ve dropped it or you’ll do this next year:)

    • Yeah, we’ll do so after releasing what we’ve done up till now (so up to ch 39)…XD Else our cleaners work would be for nothing.

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