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After some time testing out new methods of releasing our projects, here’s the next chapter of YnK! We hope you’ll enjoy this release. If there are any problems while viewing it, please write a comment so we can try to find solutions. Because Estoriel fell ill, Sapphire_fox has her debut with typesetting (she found out she don’t like it and will never do it again..we’ll see if she really manages to escape our demon lord…)! Souls scanner is still broken but we’ve some good news: He’ll get a new one in two weeks! So we can get back at working on BW and IG soon.

As always, please don’t upload it anywhere!

YnK ch 3



If you want to zoom in, click on the page. After that you can zoom further in by using your mouse wheel! Also if you’re an ipad user: Apple didn’t install any programs to read flash files on it, but after a quick google search (I don’t own an ipad so I can’t promise oyu that this work) I found some programs which make up for it one being from Adobe:



  1. Hi, I’ve been enjoying this project but seem to be having a problem viewing/downloading this chapter. What’s a .swf file? (note: I’m using an iPad)
    Thanks for doing this manga.

    • An .swf file is a flash file. You’ve to download the flash player from adobe to properly watch it. Apple didn’t installed it on their products since some time i I remember correctly so you’ve to download it separetly. We’re sorry about the inconvenience but we’ve to protect the files as good as possible from being ripped and this is a better way in doing so then our PDF files. I hope it works after you downloaded the flash player (or maybe an app which allows to watch flash files). If not the only alternative would be using a laptop or computer.

  2. Thank you for replying so quickly. iPads can’t use Flash so I guess I’ll have to put off reading until I get my computer working again. thx again.

    • I used google and found out that Adobe did made an app or programm so even on ipads you can see flash files. You should better google a bit for it the chances are high that it’s working on your ipad then!^^ But it sure was a bad idea of apple to remove the option to see flash files on the ipad and I think even apple regrets that now.

  3. I’m glad to see you updated this but the fonts too tiny for me to read!!! I cnat get my screen to make it any larger :(

    • click on the page to zoom in and then you can use your mouse weel to zoom further in!^^

  4. Thank you!

  5. Thank you for the new chapter. ^.^ Is it possible to zoom in without a mouse wheel? My laptop does not have one sadly.

    • Yep it is!^^

  6. Thank you for iPad suggestions. I found that the Puffin browser does allow me to view Flash objects, but there’s a limit to how much I can enlarge the pics without losing resolution (i have eye problems which is why i use the ipad more than my computer)

    Sadly, I can’t read your “To fellow readers” page, or the text bubbles, so I’ll keep looking for another solution. Thx again for being so responsive. And for showing me a new trick for the iPad. :)

    • Okay, thx for your response, if you can’t find any other solutions tell us then. After all this is to protect the files not to avoid some readers from not being able to read the releases.

  7. :( I want to save it in my computer… I save all series from my favorite mangaka in my computer.
    This solution is making it impossible. Well, the only possible way would be making screenshots and painstakingly putting them together in Photoshop… And I SO don’t want to do that.
    I just want to read it in my computer. T_T

    • I know this is a pain for all readers (I do the same of my fav series) but as long as NOEZ even rips PDF files this is the only way to protect the files. And cuz of the current situation inside the scanlation world we prefer to have the files only on our server so we can delete them any time in case a publisher wants us to take them down. If NOEZ rip the files and put it up on mangahere or/and mangafox this isn’t possible. You’ve to see it from the point of the scanlators as well, we all do it without any gain and even take some risks here and they make the whole situtation even worser. Maybe you already read about some scanaltors who had to stop scanlating some projects.

      I know very well how you feel but as long as NOEZ do what they do, it can’t be helped. If you still want to continue reading scanaltions in the future the only steps you can do to help to improve the situation is to support the scanlators and avoiding manga aggregation websites (also buying the volumes as soon as they get released in your country). And we did our best to avoid this for a long time but as you see nothing else helped except releasing as a flash file.

  8. I’m scanlator as well…

    I can say that YnK has about only 2% possibility that it would be ever licensed. Just look at Shojo Beat licensing speed and choice (they usually release manga from Hana to Yume).

    • Her other works were licenced as well and the chances aren’t that low. Moreover it still could be available on jmanga later on for purchase and the publisher have all rights to get any files put down despite it being licenced in english or not.
      And we don’t want to support websites like mangafox/here, we did put up PDF files and they still ripped it despite the extra effort (while there are plenty of other manga around) and releasing as a flash file is still better than not releasing at all. We wouldn’t go to such lenghts just out of personal profit or something (after all this even amkes our server suffer more and costs more for our own pocket money and we won’t ever show any ads here).

      In the end each scanlation group has to decide for themselfes how they release and for Ynk we’ll use this way. This doesn’t mean we’ll release all projects as flash files but at least YnK because NOEZ does go to the effort to rip password protected PDF files. I myself would prefer to simply release as .zip and .rar files which are much faster to make rather than this long annoying way of releasing as flash files but as long as the situation doesn’t change with NOEZ we won’t do it.

  9. Kusanagi Mizuho’s other works were published by now defunct Tokyopop. :(
    Maybe they would publish it if they were still…
    But as they aren’t around, the possibility of a 2-volume only series being published is low. Not even Maid-sama was picked up by another publisher.

    • Oh, didn’t knew this, though in other countries it’s still published, like in Germany and here copyright laws are heavy (our server is located in Germany), so we’re even more careful. Well, we wait and see how things work out for some months. AFter all there’s still jmanga which could publish it any time. Depending on how the situations are in some months we’ll think about PDF releases (after all chapters are released as flash files to make the chances a bit lower for NOEZ realising the PDF releases). But seriously, it would be great if they just respect the wishes of scanlators (and put down licenced manga), than a normal zip/rar release wouldn’t be any problem.

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