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Monthly Archives: May 2012

And here’s the new YnK chapter!

The next release should be either Black Warriors or Wizardry Zeo (if we’re fast maybe both but we can’t promise that now).

Enjoy reading the new chapter!

Chapter 4


Right now Ice is scanning the first chapters of our new projects we’re working on soon. And here’s a little teaser (this is how they look before we unbind the book)~

Two volumes of Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu  and one of Kaijidou Mokuroku! We’re really looking forward to work on them! You can find some basic informations about them on the project page, we’ll add the cover pictures after they are scanned.

As we previously mentioned in a post, our member Tsukiko contacted Vexed Scans via e-mail and unfortunately, no response was ever received. She happened across their blog a little while ago and found a rather unfriendly comment that they will not consider a joint project with us. So, we’ll officially drop SY now as we said we would.

We released these past three chapters of SY, despite Vexed scans also releasing  so as to not waste any of our cleaners hard work on the project (which was done up to ch 39 long ago but couldn’t be translated cuz we lacked the man-power). One scanlator per project is more than enough in our eyes as there are so many other fun projects waiting for us. While we are disappointed that Vexed Scans hasn’t sent us a simple e-mail reply, we are happy that they’ll continue the project for you and hope that they don’t drop it mid-way. Well, SY has finally found a good home after being on hiatus for more than a year, so we are all happy about that! ^^

Edit: They finally answered. Though we’ll still drop it, so pls head over to Vexed scans homepage for new releases of SY!^^

One of our members, Tsukiko (cuz Estoriel was busy with exams), wrote an e-mail to Vexed Scans about a potential joined of SY some days ago, so we’re waiting for a reply now!^^ We’ll inform you as soon as we get an answer from them!

We don’t know how much coffee, music and cacoa was needed to keep us awake but  our staff did an all nighter to finish this chapter off as soon as possible (to have more time for rl stuff at the weekend, this will be the last release for this week!). Now that it’s released we finally can fade away (going to sleep) and rest in peace that the work of our cleaners wasn’t for nothing.

Download: zip & rar; read online (PDF)

Here’s chapter 38, the next chapter will come soon as well!

Downloads: rar & zip; PDF

Some time ago we told you that another scanlation group, Sweet Yaoi, asked us if they can scanlate IG into spanish. They just finished the first chapter and it should be up on their website very soon!

Here’s the link to their website:

Finally it’s done! The cleans were finished months ago, but the translations took some time (or better a long time..). But it’s finally released! Chapter 38 and 39 will follow soon as well. We picked this project up cuz of a reader who asked us if we could scanlate it because the scanlation group dropped it/went inactive. He also sent us the RAWs (the quality isn’t as good as our other scans, so don’t be surprised cuz of the sudden drop). After the cleans of 3 chapters were done another group released ch 37 of Sengoku Youko (and by now ch 38 as well, you can read it on batoto) so we discussed for a while if we should drop it or not. After all we already cleaned 3 chapters and that work shouldn’t go to waste, so we decided to still continue the project. Because Sengoku Youko is already released on most of the online aggregators we’ll release the chapters this time as zip/rar files. Enjoy reading it~

Downloads: zip or rar or read online (PDF)

Today CS is one year old! Right now the staff members are celebrating (and working hard for a huge release).

You can expect SY ch 37-39 and YnK ch 4 in around a week! We’re also hard working on our first Wizardry Zeo release.

We’re still recruiting:

– japanese translator (mainly for Sengoku Youko)

– chinese translators (for SY, Infinity Game and Black Warriors)

– cleaner (because we work soon on new projects)

Pls apply!