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After seeing someone uploading our project YnK on, we decided to make it even more clear what can be uploaded and what not. As we already clearly stated in our FAQ and on the projects page (also when we released chapter one): We don’t want to see it on any manga aggregation website (this includes and even batoto right now; because the mangafox/here bot can rip the pages from there). It’s already bad enough that MH rips the PDF file to upload it (we’re working on counter meassurements and test them with YnK ch 3) so please don’t make it worser. After all you can read the chapter directly on our website.

Here a list of the current projects and where it’s okay to upload them (except from our own server):

Infinity Game: on
Black Warriors: anywhere (except MH/MF)
Yoiko no Kokoroe: Only on our server! (cuz if it gets licenced we can remove it with one click)
Sengoku Youko: on batoto, and mangatraders

From now on you can find this list on our FAQ as well and we’ll update it. Also we’ll put the note about MF/MH on all our future releases from now on (originally we don’t wanted to do it for some releases, e.g YnK, but with this situation right now we do it to raise awareness about MF/MH).

Edit: Here a preview of the ‘flash release version’ we’re preparing for a test! preview *read from left to right, we couldn’t change to the usual manga reading direction*



  1. You can always try APNG. It’s just a temporary solution but the mangafox bots fail at ripping it causing them to upload the wrong versions to the site.

    • Thx for the sugestion!^^ Right now we try out releasing YnK as flash files first but we’ll definitely give it a thought.

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