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CS will soon turn 1 year old (we got together on the 8th may and made our forum; our first release was in august) and we’re celebrating with mass releases for our readers (we try to release as much as possible in april and may, despite our few staff members and busy rl)! Today we start with a Yoiko no kokoroe ch! If you wonder to which manga the picture belongs to it’s: Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu!

We also found two japanese transators, one will translate YnK and the other one will start with Wizardry Zeo. Originally it was planned as a joined project with amai mitsu but AM is very busy so our translator will start with it now! Please welcome our new translators zeroreika (her first release will be YnK ch 3) and thieyisun!

Unfortunately we have some bad news as well: Souls (he is our RAW Provider for Infinity Game and Black Warriors) scanner broke! And till it’s fixed (or he purchased a new scanner) we’ve to put both projects on hold. But he’s trying his best to scan as soon as possible. While we wait for the scans we focus more on our other projects to make up for it.


Enjoy reading the YnK chapter 2!

Read YnK online


Some informations about reading the PDF online on our server:

Best viewing with Safari and Google Chrome. We noticed that Opera and Firefox don’t show a zoom in/out button (though you can zoom by holding Ctrl and + ) or other navigation tools. And the Internet Explorer opens it directly in Acrobat Reader.



  1. Hello,
    Thanks for another chapter of YnK.
    As for Firefox not showing any zoom options, I went around that problem by clicking ctrl+…

    • Okay, thx for informing us, I’ll edit the post and add this for our readers!

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