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We’re in need of more chinese to english and japanese to english translators (we’ve none, we’re translating all jap. projects from chinese and want to change this)! If you’re interested please apply!

We especially need translators for these Projects:

-Sengoku Youko

-Yoiko no Kokoroe

Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu

Kaijidou Mokuroku 

Also our cleaner recruitment is open again!

Edit: The cleans of YnK and SY are all done, as soon as our translators finish translating them we’re releasing them. The IG and BW releases will be a bit delayed because Souls scanner broke and has to be fixed.



  1. I’m interested to be Japanese-english translator for Yoiko no Kokoro e. Is there any slot? Thx.

    • Yep, there is! Right now we have only chinese translators so we would love to have japanese translator in our team!

  2. So, how can I apply?

    • Pls sent us an e-mail, then we’ll sent you some pages of Ynk and further informations.

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