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And here’s the actual chapter It was a lot of fun reading the comments on MF/MH and in the chatbox..XD *at least once the year the scanlators can have a little bit fun as well*

Well here some reasons why you could easily find out it wasn’t a normal release:

1. We released as zip and rar files (we usually release as PDF files) –> and the NOEZ staff hurriedly uploaded it to MF/MH, despite it being a joke release which should have only been on our

2. Behind the name of the zip/rar files and pages was a “fsd” (fools day) to point it out even more

3. We didn’t put our credit page inside the zip/rar files

4. On the IG information page of our website was written ‘released’ but there wasn’t a link to the actual download

5. And we announced some days before, that we’re releasing on the 1st April (don’t trust anyone on that day, even scanlators~)


Also for all our spanish readers we have some news:

We were contacted by a spanish scanlation group who wanted to scanlate IG and BW, so there should be some spanish releases of both projects soon. In some days we’ll post more informations about the group and add them under ‘other websites’ on our navigation bar.


But here finally the long awaited IG release as a PDF file..;)

Infinity Game chapter 8

Edit: The Batoto version was uploaded as well!


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