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Monthly Archives: April 2012

After seeing someone uploading our project YnK on, we decided to make it even more clear what can be uploaded and what not. As we already clearly stated in our FAQ and on the projects page (also when we released chapter one): We don’t want to see it on any manga aggregation website (this includes and even batoto right now; because the mangafox/here bot can rip the pages from there). It’s already bad enough that MH rips the PDF file to upload it (we’re working on counter meassurements and test them with YnK ch 3) so please don’t make it worser. After all you can read the chapter directly on our website.

Here a list of the current projects and where it’s okay to upload them (except from our own server):

Infinity Game: on
Black Warriors: anywhere (except MH/MF)
Yoiko no Kokoroe: Only on our server! (cuz if it gets licenced we can remove it with one click)
Sengoku Youko: on batoto, and mangatraders

From now on you can find this list on our FAQ as well and we’ll update it. Also we’ll put the note about MF/MH on all our future releases from now on (originally we don’t wanted to do it for some releases, e.g YnK, but with this situation right now we do it to raise awareness about MF/MH).

Edit: Here a preview of the ‘flash release version’ we’re preparing for a test! preview *read from left to right, we couldn’t change to the usual manga reading direction*


CS will soon turn 1 year old (we got together on the 8th may and made our forum; our first release was in august) and we’re celebrating with mass releases for our readers (we try to release as much as possible in april and may, despite our few staff members and busy rl)! Today we start with a Yoiko no kokoroe ch! If you wonder to which manga the picture belongs to it’s: Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu!

We also found two japanese transators, one will translate YnK and the other one will start with Wizardry Zeo. Originally it was planned as a joined project with amai mitsu but AM is very busy so our translator will start with it now! Please welcome our new translators zeroreika (her first release will be YnK ch 3) and thieyisun!

Unfortunately we have some bad news as well: Souls (he is our RAW Provider for Infinity Game and Black Warriors) scanner broke! And till it’s fixed (or he purchased a new scanner) we’ve to put both projects on hold. But he’s trying his best to scan as soon as possible. While we wait for the scans we focus more on our other projects to make up for it.


Enjoy reading the YnK chapter 2!

Read YnK online


Some informations about reading the PDF online on our server:

Best viewing with Safari and Google Chrome. We noticed that Opera and Firefox don’t show a zoom in/out button (though you can zoom by holding Ctrl and + ) or other navigation tools. And the Internet Explorer opens it directly in Acrobat Reader.

We’re in need of more chinese to english and japanese to english translators (we’ve none, we’re translating all jap. projects from chinese and want to change this)! If you’re interested please apply!

We especially need translators for these Projects:

-Sengoku Youko

-Yoiko no Kokoroe

Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu

Kaijidou Mokuroku 

Also our cleaner recruitment is open again!

Edit: The cleans of YnK and SY are all done, as soon as our translators finish translating them we’re releasing them. The IG and BW releases will be a bit delayed because Souls scanner broke and has to be fixed.

And here’s the actual chapter It was a lot of fun reading the comments on MF/MH and in the chatbox..XD *at least once the year the scanlators can have a little bit fun as well*

Well here some reasons why you could easily find out it wasn’t a normal release:

1. We released as zip and rar files (we usually release as PDF files) –> and the NOEZ staff hurriedly uploaded it to MF/MH, despite it being a joke release which should have only been on our

2. Behind the name of the zip/rar files and pages was a “fsd” (fools day) to point it out even more

3. We didn’t put our credit page inside the zip/rar files

4. On the IG information page of our website was written ‘released’ but there wasn’t a link to the actual download

5. And we announced some days before, that we’re releasing on the 1st April (don’t trust anyone on that day, even scanlators~)


Also for all our spanish readers we have some news:

We were contacted by a spanish scanlation group who wanted to scanlate IG and BW, so there should be some spanish releases of both projects soon. In some days we’ll post more informations about the group and add them under ‘other websites’ on our navigation bar.


But here finally the long awaited IG release as a PDF file..;)

Infinity Game chapter 8

Edit: The Batoto version was uploaded as well!

Here’s the new chapter! We decided to release it as a zip/rar file this time.

Have fun reading~

IG 8 (rar file)

IG 8 (zip file)