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Monthly Archives: March 2012

We slowly are exchanging the old files with PDF files because they are better to read then our old online reader version. Up till now we uploaded IG ch 1 to 3 to our server, but the other releases will follow in the next days as well. The links on the projects page will be exchanged as well (don’t worry the previous releases will still have a zip/rar file download till they expire).

Edit: All IG files are exchanged


Because we added so many new projects and pay all server costs from our own pocket (as you can see we don’t have any ads on our website and never want any here), it would be really great if some kind souls would consider donating us a little bit to decrese the costs of us purchasing new RAWs (we only use the donations for purchasing new RAWs not for the website).

After some misfortune (previous translator couldn’t contact us and sent us the translations. We had to translate more then half of the chapter by another translator to release it as soon as possible) we finally managed to finish this chapter!

We still don’t have a japanese translator so we didn’t translate the SFX but as soon as we get one, we’ll fix the chapter and add them. Also there could be some differences in the translations because we used chinese RAWs to translate it (if you know a japanese translator who could help us..kidnap him/her and please sent him/her over via express post to our cave to speed up the translating process~).

And if anyone is interested how to clean manga pages you could visit the blog of RedLoveKnot (one of our fast cleaner). She put up some video tutorials with some methods how you can clean manga pages.

Her Blog

And here’s the long awaited chapter! Have fun reading it~

YnK chapter 1

And pls don’t forget: Don’t upload it to any online manga aggregation websites!

Edit: Mangahere ripped the PDF and uploaded it already, so we’re discussing about countermeassurements now…-.-” This is the project we wanted the least to be on any aggreagtion website (because of the high potential of it being licenced in some years) and seriously we don’t want to put any watermarks on it…

We’re recruiting chinese to english translators and japanese to english translators (urgently; for YnK and Sengoku Youko). The other positions are closed right now.

For more informations pls visit our recruitment page!