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We just uploaded the watermarked version for Batoto. It sure was a great challenge to put watermarks over every single page when you hate watermarks (even if we tried to keep it as low as possible in this situation) and I don’t want to mention the time you need to put them there… But due to the mangafox bot ripping the pages off of Batoto we can’t release a watermark free version there right now (this doesn’t mean we never release on Batoto but we won’t write any dates here so NOEZ won’t wait for the watermark free release…). It’s a bit of an experiment as well, because we don’t know how far the NOEZ staff will go to get the chapter on their website to earn more money…=_=” Depending on the popularity of a series (more clicks=more money) they do blur out the watermarks of scanlators and put it on their websites. In that case we’ve to take into account to really release as PDF only.

Though the main problem with mangafox/mangahere is still the topic of them hosting licenced manga (if scanlators ask them to put it down they don’t bother answering or taking it down…after all one series down=less money for NOEZ), which forces the publishers to take action and because they don’t seem to be able to get rid of MF/MH they now start at the source: the scanlators. Though I must say: Scanlators shouldn’t scanlate licenced manga in the first place, this defeats the original purpose of scanlations. I think it’s agreable to scanlate maybe the latest chapters if the english publishers are far away from the recent chapters but only if the group removes these chapters after some time. But well, with mangafox being around and hosting from chapter one till the most recent one, this is impossible.

For further informations on this topic you could visit the websites/forums of Omaris Sister, Mangastream (page was deleted), Red Hawk Scans and Muda Scantrad.





  1. Thanks for the newest chapter; I really dislike watermarks, but at least yours don’t cover more than half the page with text whining about ungrateful readers.

    • Well I hate them the same as any other readers as well and it sure breaks my heart to slap them on every single page due to aggregators which are a serious treat to scanlations in general. I could never bring myself to put huge watermarks on them, before we do that we’ll release as PDF’s only. It’s rude to the artist and we do put a lot of effort scanalting as well so it’s already bad enough. Hopefully the situation improves in the future (though right now it only seem to worsen more and more) and we can release normal zip and rar files again. But as it looks right now we can only do chinese projects as batoto releases (cuz they have a smaller chance being licenced later on), the japanese ones will be as PDF’s only to make it as hard as possible for aggregators to rip the pages. They didn’t upload chapter 7 since we released it as a PDF but they put it up right away after we released on batoto.

      I can understand the readers very well (being one of them as well for other manga after all) and I would get annoyed too (especially if they are really huge and over faces and so on) but for most scanlators this is the only way to point out at this huge problem. And some scanlators are already forced to stop scanlating and this problem will only grew with aggregators like mangafox in the future.

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