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As we already announced from this release onwards we’ll only release as PDF files due to mangafox and the other manga aggregation websites.

With this release we get closer and closer to the end of Infinity Game. It’s really sad that IG only has 2 volumes but after it ends we decided to pick up another series of the same artist. Maybe someone already read the Oneshot of ‘Bloodline’ by another scanlation group which was released long ago. Bloodline is actually a series with more then 3 volumes (our RAW provider Soul looked it up and already purchased all volumes the minute he saw it) and we’ll also do another project (we’re doing a vote inside our group to decide which project it’ll be *we’ve a huge list*).

We’re recruiting cleaner, typesetter, proofreader and japanese translators. If you’re interested please send us an E-Mail, don’t be afraid to apply we’re willing to teach you how to clean and typeset (as long as you’re willing to learn and have the programs we use for it).

Also please welcome our new translator jiazhen who translated the whole chapter by herself.

IG vol 2 ch 2



  1. Kissmejiazhen, you are hereby welcome.

    Thank you Jiazhen (and the rest of Cavescans).

  2. PDF…

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