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As some already saw we put an extra page with a note about Mangafox and Mangahere to our latest release. As expected MF/MH already put our chapter up on their website (of course without the note), because of this we decided to not release the next BW chapter as a zip/rar file with a notice as well and instead release it as a PDF right away. This will apply to all our releases and all projects from now on.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience but you can thank the NOEZ staff for this and especially their policy of ‘not removing licenced manga’.

For more informations about MF and MH:

Our note, 2nd page

And a nice forum thread

Edit: Because of a readers comment about alternative websites to use to know when new releases come out from your favourite manga:

To get the newest release and a direct link to the scanlation groups you can use (you can find a link in our navigation bar as well *right side under ‘other websites’*). You can put all your favourite series and even many which aren’t scanlated up till now on a reading list and you get informed as soon as a new release comes out.

If you still don’t want to completly miss a website similar to mangafox you could use . It’s the best online reader website there is right now. If scanlators don’t want to see their projects there they remove them, they link back to the scanlators websites and do hold groups policies about uploading (e.g. release after xx hours). They also support groups by sharing ad revenue if the group wants to join in the ad revenue and you even see a message if a group participates (after all RAW purchasing and server costs are a lot and donations are very rare). So in some cases you even support the scanlation groups by reading it on and make it possible for them to decrese server costs and purchase RAWs.

For downloads there would also be as an alternative, they even have an online reader (though it’s still not as good as batoto’s but with time I’m sure it improves). If there is ever the case that you’ve to on an aggregation website pls use at least an ad blocker here some links to some.

Ad block plus:

Flash Block for Chrome:

Flash Block for Firefox:





  1. Can u tell me how to read .pdf files in a fashionable manner and not that adobe reader quality which will destroy the manga experience.

    • We upload a high quality PDF with the original images size (the same you can download now as rar and zip files) onto our own server, so there won’t be any quality loss. The whole team would prefer releasing as zip and/or rar files but due to Mangafox and Mangahere getting more and more of a problem to all scanlators we can’t do that any longer. We don’t wnat to help them profit off of the artists and publishers work and we in no way encourage hosting licenced manga. And to prevent them from hosting any projects we do which could get licenced later on (and which they will still host because they give a damn about a manga is licenced or not), we make it as hard as possible for them and right now the only more or less effective way (despite making private forums) are PDF files.

  2. *sigh* I like mangafox since it allows me to bookmark which mangas i’m interested in and tells me when they update, instead of having to read through a list of all the updated mangas on any day, or having to check every scanlation group site every day (there are so many different ones and only a few of them update in a set manner *meaning it seems to be random*)

    That said I have no issue with downloading from the scanlation site, but I will be losing my place and missing chapters and from experience that means i’ll eventually stop reading.

    So is there any site that I can pick what I want to be updated on and will link to the scanlation site when they update?

    I just woke up so I do expect this post sounds much more douchey/spoiled than intended (which would be not very… if only grumpy but still trying to be logical).

    I guess I could do something like a feed or whatever it’s called that i have no clue how to set up, however that would probably still cause me to get everything by a group, some of which seem to have about 40 projects and only 2-3 that I read.

    Now I do understand where you are coming from, all I ask is for an alternative site to keep me up to date on the projects I’m interested in, and I do appreciate the work you guys do, I just felt it was important to provide another side of the argument which I have never seen defended (and I’ve read alot of threads about this).

    • In that case you could try using instead of MF and mangaupdates (to see which new releases are out and if you don’t find them on batoto try downloading at the scanlators website or maybe I know that this is a bit more time consuming (I once used MF as well long ago) but with MF and MH around scanlation itself are in dnager and this is better then no manga online at all, right? Just a short time ago VIZ wrote to some scanlators to stop scanlating any licenced manga (to grousp who atcually remove all chapters after a while to onyl hav ethe recent ones up) this is happening mainly due to websites like mangafox. And with more time passing this will worsen even more.

      The website you mentioned who links back is you find the direct link in our navigation bar on the right side under ‘other wbesites’.

      Don’t worry about that. I can understand your feelings on that very well but sadly it has to change if we still want to read manga which aren’t licenced in the future.

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