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Monthly Archives: February 2012

We just uploaded the watermarked version for Batoto. It sure was a great challenge to put watermarks over every single page when you hate watermarks (even if we tried to keep it as low as possible in this situation) and I don’t want to mention the time you need to put them there… But due to the mangafox bot ripping the pages off of Batoto we can’t release a watermark free version there right now (this doesn’t mean we never release on Batoto but we won’t write any dates here so NOEZ won’t wait for the watermark free release…). It’s a bit of an experiment as well, because we don’t know how far the NOEZ staff will go to get the chapter on their website to earn more money…=_=” Depending on the popularity of a series (more clicks=more money) they do blur out the watermarks of scanlators and put it on their websites. In that case we’ve to take into account to really release as PDF only.

Though the main problem with mangafox/mangahere is still the topic of them hosting licenced manga (if scanlators ask them to put it down they don’t bother answering or taking it down…after all one series down=less money for NOEZ), which forces the publishers to take action and because they don’t seem to be able to get rid of MF/MH they now start at the source: the scanlators. Though I must say: Scanlators shouldn’t scanlate licenced manga in the first place, this defeats the original purpose of scanlations. I think it’s agreable to scanlate maybe the latest chapters if the english publishers are far away from the recent chapters but only if the group removes these chapters after some time. But well, with mangafox being around and hosting from chapter one till the most recent one, this is impossible.

For further informations on this topic you could visit the websites/forums of Omaris Sister, Mangastream (page was deleted), Red Hawk Scans and Muda Scantrad.




As we already announced from this release onwards we’ll only release as PDF files due to mangafox and the other manga aggregation websites.

With this release we get closer and closer to the end of Infinity Game. It’s really sad that IG only has 2 volumes but after it ends we decided to pick up another series of the same artist. Maybe someone already read the Oneshot of ‘Bloodline’ by another scanlation group which was released long ago. Bloodline is actually a series with more then 3 volumes (our RAW provider Soul looked it up and already purchased all volumes the minute he saw it) and we’ll also do another project (we’re doing a vote inside our group to decide which project it’ll be *we’ve a huge list*).

We’re recruiting cleaner, typesetter, proofreader and japanese translators. If you’re interested please send us an E-Mail, don’t be afraid to apply we’re willing to teach you how to clean and typeset (as long as you’re willing to learn and have the programs we use for it).

Also please welcome our new translator jiazhen who translated the whole chapter by herself.

IG vol 2 ch 2

As some already saw we put an extra page with a note about Mangafox and Mangahere to our latest release. As expected MF/MH already put our chapter up on their website (of course without the note), because of this we decided to not release the next BW chapter as a zip/rar file with a notice as well and instead release it as a PDF right away. This will apply to all our releases and all projects from now on.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience but you can thank the NOEZ staff for this and especially their policy of ‘not removing licenced manga’.

For more informations about MF and MH:

Our note, 2nd page

And a nice forum thread

Edit: Because of a readers comment about alternative websites to use to know when new releases come out from your favourite manga:

To get the newest release and a direct link to the scanlation groups you can use (you can find a link in our navigation bar as well *right side under ‘other websites’*). You can put all your favourite series and even many which aren’t scanlated up till now on a reading list and you get informed as soon as a new release comes out.

If you still don’t want to completly miss a website similar to mangafox you could use . It’s the best online reader website there is right now. If scanlators don’t want to see their projects there they remove them, they link back to the scanlators websites and do hold groups policies about uploading (e.g. release after xx hours). They also support groups by sharing ad revenue if the group wants to join in the ad revenue and you even see a message if a group participates (after all RAW purchasing and server costs are a lot and donations are very rare). So in some cases you even support the scanlation groups by reading it on and make it possible for them to decrese server costs and purchase RAWs.

For downloads there would also be as an alternative, they even have an online reader (though it’s still not as good as batoto’s but with time I’m sure it improves). If there is ever the case that you’ve to on an aggregation website pls use at least an ad blocker here some links to some.

Ad block plus:

Flash Block for Chrome:

Flash Block for Firefox:



Here’s the new chapter of Infinity Game! Please read the note we attached. From this chapter onwards we’ll only release as PDF files (reasons stated in the note) and we put up some FAQ’s on our website some time ago.  Have fun reading!

We’re still recruiting japanese and chinese translators. Also one more typesetter and a proofreader.


And here the links:

Online Reader

Download files: depositfiles (rar) & depositfiles (zip)