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Monthly Archives: October 2011

You’re waiting for some time now for the new Infinity Game chapter, so here’s a little preview of it:


We intend to release it shortly before our Halloween release (so you get some ‘candy’ from us as well to celebrate~). You should check out or website around a week to read and/or download the whole Infinity Game chapter 2.  


We’re still in desperate need of chinese and japanese translators (especially the trad. chinese and the japanese to start YnK).

Furthermore, if you’re an artist (doujinshi or your own original story) and want to make your work more public you can send us an e-mail and we can host it on our server for free for you. For more informations please visit our recruitment page!


EDIT: We improved our online reader. You can enlarge each page now to it’s original size while you read (the next and the previous button is on the bottom left side in case you didn’t see them (like estoriel…)).