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Our translators are back from their holiday journeys and we can finally present you the first chapter of Infinity Game! You can either read it on our online reader or download it as a .rar file. Enjoy it~

Further more we have some other plans for some special releases but what it is will remain a secret for now.  We’re still recruiting (urgently) chinese to english translators and japanese to english translators. Furthermore we accept two or three proofreader, one to two cleaners and one typesetter. You find more informations on our recruitment page.


Online reader link (you also find it under ‘blogroll’)

There was one disordered page so here’s the fixed version for downloading:



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  1. thanks for this looks interesting

  2. Good manga but not realistic, the persanality of the main character is not human.
    He’s really smart, judge his classmates, don’t respect the rules but help the world by giving tips about economy.
    Like how he acts with the students of his age, he should be more arrogant and selfish. He’s not popular, and only a few know how smart he is (if the class rep didn’t knew that he had high grades, how can the others know?)
    Considering how much i saw, i can say that this kind of guy doesn’t and can’t exist on this world.

  3. Cool chapter, but aren’t pages 14 and 15 switched around?

    • I just checked the pages in our release. But nope, they aren’t switched, we got them like this from our RAW provider.

  4. This looks interesting so far. I look forward to the next chapter ^^

  5. My bad, I meant your page 13 and 14. If you look closely p.11 has a nine in the bottom corner, and p.13 a twelve.

    • Hm..strange. I ask our RAW provider about this thx for pointing this out! I looked in my files and saw that our pg 11 (which is the p. 9 in tha manhua *cuz of the cover etc. are our numbers higehr*) and pg 13 has the number 12, so either pg 10 or 11 is missing or maybe some pages are disordered. We fix it as soon as we figured out what went wrong.

  6. I think your p.14 is the page 11

    • I found the page which was anmed wrong by our RAW provider, rght now I reupload the .rar files and order them on our online manga viewer. It should be up in around 5 minutes. Thx a lot to you two!

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