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Today we have some informations regarding our own online reader which were writen by our website host. Please read this if you have any problems viewing our newet releases.

(Thx again for all your hard work setting up the online reader and hosting our website, Demens!!)




  • Please use the newest browser versions
  • Supported browsers: Opera 10 +, Firefox 3 +, safari 3 +, Google chrome 1 + and Internet Explorer 7 +
  • Internet Explorer 6 and older aren’t supported by our online reader.
  • Readers with IE6 or older will see a link for more informations on the newest browser versions.
  • Moreover JavaScript and the FlashPlayer-Plugin for playing video and audio files must be activated.


Deutsch / German

  • Bitte benutzt einen der neusten Browser Versionen
  • Unterstützte Browser: Opera 10+, Fire Fox 3+, Safari 3+, Google Chrome 1+ and Internet Explorer 7+.
  • Internet Explorer 6 und älter werden nicht bei unserem Online Reader ünterstützt.
  • Für Leser mit IE6 oder älter wird jedoch ein Link eingeblendet, unter dem sie sich über aktuelle Browser informieren können.
  • Es müssen außerdem JavaScript und das FlashPlayer-Plugin zum Abspielen von Videos und Audio-Datein aktiviert sein.


Best Regards

Demens (Cave scanlations online reader and website host)





  1. We’re glad that you all like the blog.
    Sadly as written in the last post all our translators are still in holidays and we didn’t get any applications. So right now we can only wait for them to return back home (anything else is done, only the text is missing).

  2. Right now (because we don’t have anything to do as long as our translators are in holidays *sigh*) we’re working on the mangaviewer (which still has some bugs we’ve to get rid off..) and something nice to make up for the long waiting time for the first release~

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