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Our website is back online now~


Newest release:  WZ vol 2 ch 5

News: Automata was licensed by TappyToon; more informations on our new website

As written in the previou post as long as we’re getting DDoSed, we’re releasing here.

Enjoy this weeks Automata release!

Batoto or download here

Yep, our new website is getting DDoSed right now and so our website hoster took it off from the net for some time.

Meanwhile we’re using our old wordpress site for releases. The next Automata release should be out in one or two days and we’re also working on a oneshot novel release (and all our other projects of course).

We’re still in need of more staff members (especially jap. translators for our future projects and a korean translator interested in horror webcomics), if you’re interested send us your application to!

More informations can be found on our Batoto recruitment thread:


The server is back online again (hope it will stay like this!!) and ch 6+7 of Automata are out now!^^

Visit us at:


New releases: Automata ch 24+Scratch!! ch 5+ Satou-kun ch 4

*sigh* The server is down right now so I post the download link for the Automata chapters from our huge release and also some of our other projects here!^^

Under Prin:
Wizardry Zeo:

Yoiko no Kokoroe:

Infinity Game:

Most of our projects are also uploaded on Batoto.


Progress overview (next releases of all projects):

Kaijidou ch 2: cleaned; proofing

KnH vol 2 ch 2: cleaned; proofing

YnK vol 2 ch 3: cleaned; proofing

WZ vol 2 ch 2: cleaned; proofing

Satou-kun ch 4: cleaned; proofing

Bloodline ch 4: cleaned; proofing

Under Prin ch 61+62: typesetting (eng nearly done, ger in progress)

Scratch!! ch 5: cleaned; proofing

HAL ch 3: cleaned; proofing

Kamitoki no Resist ch 4: cleaning+translating


ch 6+7: typesetting

ch 8+9: cleaned, proofing

ch 21+22: cleaned, proofing


Manga we translate and provide RAWs of for the english scanlation group Paradise Love Scanlations:

Demian Shoukougun vol 7 part 1: typesetting

Demian Shoukougun vol 7 part 2: 2nd proofing


Manga we translate and provide RAWs of for the spanish scanlation group SYFS (spanish release only, refrain from using our scans/trans for english releases; it’s already licenced in english, buy the volumes and support the artist and publisher!) :

Dokusai Grimoire ch 3: translated; proofreading

Yeah, we had only problems over the last weeks with the server, so now we move to a new website hoster. We don’t know how long it all takes so meanwhile we’ll use this old website in case we release something!^^

We won’t use the website on the hcpsgc servers any longer and the website will be gone in 24 hours so if you want to downlaod some chapters please hurry. Our new website can be found on when we’re done. If we release anything new in that time we’ll make  a post here with download links.

Edit: Meanwhile we transfered the old posts+pages here, please note that all flash+PDF releases aren’t uploaded on this website (will be on the new one), but you’ve at least some of the downloads available!^^

Edit2: Server moved and up working! From now on please visit:! We’ll work on the flash+PDF files next so they are readable again.

New release: Automata prologue in german (joint with YingYang Scans), will be uploaded on Batoto today and their website. Download links will be available on our website when more chapters are done as a bundle (on the new server).

Our server is down for maintanance and some new installations. We’ll use this website as long as it’s not done and keep you updated.


We’re in URGENT need of japanese to english (or german) translators right now. Our japanese translator Zeroreika is really busy and can hardly translate anything now (we received the information today), so if you like one of the following projects please consider helping us. We’re also open for joints and will of course provide the RAWs of all the projects (tankobon RAWs of course)!


-Yoiko no Kokoroe

-Wizardry Zeo

-Satou-kun no Juunan Seikatsu


-Kaijidou Mokuroku

-Kirara no Hoshi


We also have the RAWs of the following projects:


-Ixion Saga ED

-Ouji wa Tadaima Dekasegichuu

-Tenchi Meisatsu


You can find more informations on our projects here:

Please contact us via e-mail at!


Edit: The situation got better thanks to an old translator reappering so all current projects will be covered but we still could need some help on the three future manga! *and for faster releases~*

Today we’ve another Under Prin chapter (english+german) for you. Enjoy~

Download as rar // zip or read online on Batoto


We’re still recruiting japanese to english or german translator!


For the german branch of CS we’re still recruiting:

- color page cleaner (for UP ch 1 onwards)

- korean to english or german translator (for UP ch 1 onwards)

- typesetter (for Under Prin and our future german releases of other projects)

- english to german translators (for our other projects; e.g. Wizardry Zeo, Satou-kun, Kaijidou etc.)

Hello readers, it’s Rexenik again, so it turns out my previous release article wasn’t to be my last, mostly due to extenuating circumstances like Esto stabbing himself in the hand with a giant knife *slight exaggeration* and Tsuki spending several hours in a car with a couple of little demon piranhas *no exaggeration*. It’s not a big release like last time but we do have Automata Chapter 5 for you, sorry it took a little bit of time compared to the other chapters but, if a thing is worth doing, then it’s worth doing well.

We’re still recruiting Japanese translators among other positions so feel free to apply or force someone you know to apply, both work.

<insert cool sign-off line here>



Note: You can read Automata on Batoto, you can find download links on the project page.


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